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Child's portrait

«Child's portrait»


Karina (daughter's portrait)

«Karina (daughter's portrait)»




Pink mood

«Pink mood»
















«Portrait of the young man»

«Portrait of the young man»







Red berry

«Red berry»



The girl with a rabbit

«The girl with a rabbit»






"The woman in an armchair"

«The woman in an armchair»









"The family portrait"

«The family portrait»














«Irina Orehova»

«Irina Orehova»
















Ordering the portrait

If you want to make present, which will be independent from time, to yours children or dear one, you can order the portrait, made by oil on canvas using your own photos, in your format and with any elements of scene, landscape, decor, etc. For ordering the portrait you should send to me some photos by the E-mail. We’ll choose the best photo and discuss the plot. If you have only image, I can make composition myself or with your help.


Terms and conditions

Ordering a portrait, you must pay prepayment (20 - 100%). You can order a copy of any paint, offer to me your plot or order the portrait, after paying the prepaying and after work (1,5 - 2 weeks) I’ll send to you the paint. During the work I’ll send you some intermediate stages, using E-mail and you can express your opinion or critical remark. If you won’t to end the work, you can to refuse, prepayment will be given back.


Sending paints:

Paints are send in rigid container, using express mail:

  "SPSR- express"
   “EMS Garantpost”.


  It takes 1-5 days. Postage $60 - $100.


Now you can use:






PayPal Electronic money


The bank translation

Dollar account.



Western Union

It takes only half of hour. Commission is 4-10%.



Web Money

Electronic money takes no time.

  RBK Money Electronic money takes no time. Commission 0 -3%.



It takes only half of hour. Commission is 1%.




Electronic money.



Paper check



For ordering the portrait and for other information, mail to E-mail

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