Gallery of new works, which you can get


«March»   27.6" õ 39.4"


«Moonlight Night»

«Moonlight Night»    23,6" Õ 39.4"


«Let's have a rest»

«Irina Orehova»   30" õ 40"



«Pigeons»   22.5" õ 27.6"


Karina (daughter's portrait).Gallery portrait

«Karina (daughter's portrait)»

Order a portrait


«Roses»    17.7" x 17.7"



How to pay?

Here you can find answers for you questions about paying. If you have other questions, you can mail me: E-mail.


Terms and conditions

Buying a paint, you must pay prepayment (20 - 100%). You can order a copy of any paint, offer to me your plot or order the portrait, after paying the prepaying and after work (1,5 - 2 weeks) I’ll send to you the paint. During the work I’ll send you some intermediate stages, using E-mail and you can express your opinion or critical remark. If you won’t to end the work, you can to refuse, prepayment will be given back.


Sending paints:

Paints are send in rigid container, using express mail:

  "SPSR- express"
   “EMS Garantpost”.


  It takes 1-5 days. Postage $60 - $100.


Now you can use:






PayPal Electronic money


The bank translation

Dollar account.



Western Union

It takes only half of hour. Commission is 4-10%.



Web Money

Electronic money takes no time.

  RBK Money Electronic money takes no time. Commission 0 -3%.



It takes only half of hour. Commission is 1%.




Electronic money.



Paper check


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